Wrens Fly-In (Wrens, Georgia) September 18-20 2015

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Jon Carleton
Wrens Fly-In (Wrens, Georgia) September 18-20 2015

Wrens should be a pretty fine fly-in this year.  There is already a good bit of buzz on the Peach State forum.  There is also every expectation of a challenge between the Carolina and Georgia clubs for attendance.  Why not join in and make a significant Florida presents?

Wrens is near Augusta, Georgia.  The airport has a single paved runway and a parallel grass strip.  Limited powered spots are available on a first-come, first grabbed basis.  There is ample room for primitive camping.  Unlike Bensen Days, there is an acceptable motel very near the airport (The Western...not to be confused with Best Western).  It is nearly within walking distance, as are a selection of restaurants, groceries and convenience stores.  Wrens, Georgia is a small town, not unlike Wauchula.  If you fly commercially, Augusta is your best destination, though Atlanta is less expensive.  It is about a 2 hour ride from Atlanta and just under an hour from Augusta.

This is a regional fly-in, but in past years it has given some of the national gyroplane events a run for their money for attendance.  You can expect to see some of the new Euro-style gyros, Bo Collin's Lycoming-powered monster gyro and a variety of flying "stuff" from Peach State and Carolina Barnstormers clubs.


Yeah. Let's make this Wrens a nice turnout if we can.

If I can't fly I am still planning on driving. We could carpool if you are a cheap bastard..... :)

Let's show our support for the Peachy brothers and sisters....ok brothers than!